Oto Hakan Automotive was established in 1982 to trade Bedford spare parts. As a growing and expanding company, we included Japanese and Korean spare parts to our product range in 1999. After going through reorganization process in the company, Oto Hakan commensurated overseas operations such as import & export transactions in 2003. We are currently exporting to more than 52 countries to all over the world which includes Europe, Balkans, Middle East, South and North America.


In 2004, we developed our own brand as TLG Spare Parts. Since then we developed around 1.300 new products under TLG brand. We have special agreements with our producer factories from Turkey, Taiwan and China. In 2011, Oto Hakan has achieved a very strong reputation in processing brands such as Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Hyundai with a working force consisting of 90 employees, located on a covered area of 4350 meter squares.


Oto Hakan has 20.000 variety of products in product range and has stocks ready for all of them in the headquarters. Majority of these products are Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Hyundai brands. Moreover, we have 15 other Japanese and Korean brand passenger and light commercial vehicles spare parts. Oto Hakan has the distributorship of powerful and prestigious brands like AYD, YENMAK, SUPAR, GENMOT, DEBCO, and BLUEPRINT.


Besides wholesale and export, Oto Hakan has 4.000 stable customers in Turkey and overseas. We have customers in 72 cities of Turkey and we are exporting to 52 countries all around the world. Since the reorganization, Oto Hakan always attended main exhibitions for the market. Oto Hakan is exhibiting products and meeting potential and current customers in market maker exhibitions like Equip Auto 2009, Automechanicka Middle East 2010, Automechanicka Frankfurt 2010, Automechanicka Istanbul 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Equip Auto Algeria 2016 and so on.


Our aim is to develop our company by developing and promoting new products and brands. To reach this goal we have been contact with major brands to get the distributorship.


We trust ourselves...

Because, Oto Hakan’s all employees are experienced in their fields, successful in personnel relations and responsibilities. We have respect to our business, philosophy of condemning imitation and a matching vision with our countries bright future.


Our customers trust us…

Because we sell our customers the product they really need. We convince them to use suitable products with listening to their needs and problems. We always provide correct and true information to our customers and promote them to use correct product with correct application and suitable quantity.


Our motto is “Customer Satisfaction”…

Because our customers are not only customer to us, they are also a business partner. We put trust in the base of our relations and this provides us persistency. We never leave our customers on their owns with the product they buy. For any problem or extra inquiries we always remain at your disposal